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Smart integration

Digital marketing

Customer experience

Cleaning & Maintenance

Smart home integration
  • Online platform for vacation rentals
  • Connect to all relevant booking channels
  • Live Cockpit for owners: performance indicators and reporting system Live
  • Integrated Smart locks, Smart intercoms
Upravljanje nepremičnin
Digital marketing
  • Professional photo shooting, CGP and graphic design
  • Profile integration & optimization
  • Website creation
  • Social media and online marketing 
  • Marketing automatization & lead generation
Customer experience
  • Communication with guests
  • Self check-in & Self check-out
  • The best customer experience
  • Transfers, day trips, private tours, Bike and car rentals
  • After-sales communication
Cleaning and maintenance
  • 5 star cleanliness rating
  • We do the dirty job for you 🙂
  • We organize the cleaning service and take care for all consumables
  • Supervise the highest quality stadards
Renovation and Design
  • 100% careless renovation for you
  • An inventory check is done after each checkout
  • In the event of damage, we file a claim for damage settlement on your behalf
  • Organization of damage repair
  • We will do the handy jobs for you 😉

Your benefits

increase of total revenue
less of your time involvment
guests satisfastion rate
Zero stress rate for you

Choose your combo


50EURper month
  • Smart home integration

Half board

100 EURper month
  • Smart home integration
  • Digital marketing


15-25% provision
  • Smart home integration
  • Digital marketing
  • Communication with guests
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance

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    Šmartno v Rožni dolini 21 A, 3201 Šmartno v R. d.

  • +386 41 619 698 (Žiga)

    +386 41 763 005 (Mitja)

  • info@smart-home-rentals.com

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